Sunday, February 7, 2010

Handy Hunk


You thought you'd find a picture of the hunk, didn't you?

Sorry, just his handiwork!

Not much, right? Well here's the hideous before...

Yeah, a much needed change. Still doesn't seem like a big deal - we've changed every other light fixture in the house - just a quick little electrical work, right? Well, one thing we've learned about working on "this old house" is that nothing is ever as simple as it seems. When we took this beauty down, we found nothing but a small hole with the electrical wire poking through - no light box, nothing. That's when I decided it was time to call an electrician.

But my hunk was undeterred. He insisted he could cut out the tongue and groove ceiling, install a pancake box, and hang the ceiling fan properly and safely. So I said "fine," and went inside. You should know that this particularly notable for two reasons: First, I'm not one to relinquish such control, or supervision for that matter - this was pregnancy fatigue at its worst, and I just couldn't muster up enough energy to care. Second, this is just another example of my hunk's increasing skill set and confidence in the realm of home improvement. When we were first married, he could barely hang a picture. I taught him everything he knows about measuring, level and square, and how to use tools he'd never seen before.

So I went inside and fell asleep on the couch, while I listened to him work on the ceiling fan. Every now and then, I'd sit up to take a peek out the window, check out my hunk's sexy work jeans with the strategically placed hole in the rear, see a little bit of progress, and fall back into my pillow. And a little later, I woke up to find TWO new light fixtures on the front porch! Here's some before and after eye candy of the second:

Sorry, the hunk eye candy is for my eyes only!
My hunk is up to even more handiwork these days. He got a new toy for Christmas too, and has already had a chance to try it out. Pregnancy has left me unable to help on the big projects around the house. So a couple of weeks ago, I was left on the other side of the plastic sheeting while I listened to every bang and grunt, wondering what exactly was gong on, and if I really should be trusting my hunk to do this on his own. But I'll reaveal our new big project and all of the details in a couple of days. Yeah, one new blog post in two months is all I can handle right now!

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