Thursday, March 27, 2014

WORKOUTside - Spring 2014

Join me for some hard work and fun! We’ll run hills, bound through sand, pull-up, push-up, step-up, and everything in between. These outdoor drills focus on cardiovascular interval training, functional strength movements, game play, and competition to keep things interesting as we use our bodies, basic equipmen...t, and the environment to create challenges, raise our heart rates, and work our muscles in new and different ways.

Classes will be held 5 days a week – you choose your own adventure and decide how many and which days you join the group! Each day, class size could vary from 2-8 participants, giving you a semi-private training experience with greater attention to your technique and abilities, and an individualized and goal-centered training program.

8-Week Session:
April 14th – June 6th (No class Friday, May 30th)
Fred Beekman Park – The Ohio State University at the corner of Kenny Road & Lane Avenue

Mondays – Strength & Power
Tuesdays – Cardio Intervals & Agility Drills
Wednesdays – Core & Control
Thursdays – Strength & Power
Fridays – Cooperative Games & Play

2 Days/Week - $120
3 Days/Week - $180
4 Days/Week - $240
5 Days/Week - $300

Spots are limited to 8 people per day. Email or message me to reserve yours days.

Depending on availability, drop-ins may be available for $10.

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